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A typical child spends up to eight hours a day in school. During those hours they learn reading, writing, arithmetic and values. That’s why in this day and age deciding how our children are educated is more important than ever.

Many parents have faced that same decision with their children, and City Christian School was a great choice for their family.

City Christian School offers per-school through 12th grade and has been serving many local families and the larger Christian community for more than 30 years. It offers an excellent educational experience in a vibrant, Spirit-filled environment.

It is a fully accredited institution and students regularly test from 1.5 to 2 grade levels above national norms. The curriculum is presented in the context of a Christian worldview and graduates have been accepted at some of the nation’s most prestigious universities.

Along with providing an excellent academic foundation, the staff and faculty work along side parents to develop strong moral character in the student’s lives.

Tuition Assistance. Obviously, providing a Christian education for your child has a price. But at City Christian School, every effort is taken to make sending your child there affordable. One resource the school offers is a generous Tuition Assistance program. Their desire is that no child be deprived of a Christian education solely because of finances.

This is a school your family will be excited about! It is lead by a talented team committed to academic excellence, character development and practical application that will prepare your child for a life of success and leadership. It’s been a tremendous blessing to many families; I know it will be for yours as well.


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