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Preschool Daily Schedule

7:30-8:45                Extended Care: Playtime, Centers & Learning Activities*

8:45-9:00                Arrival, Half Day and Full Day Students

9:00-9:30                Opening Group Time
listDiscBible, Story, or Character Development

9:30-9:50                Morning Snack
(Hands will be washed before and after meal times.)

9:50-10:00              Transition Activities

listDiscMusic and Movement
listDiscFinger Plays

10:00-10:30            Outdoor Experiences/Active Play

10:30-11:45             Centers & Learning Activities*
(Language Development/Pre-Reading Skills/Math Skills)
listDiscTeaching Activities
listDiscCorrelating Art

11:30                        Half Day Students Depart

11:45-12:30            Lunch Time

12:30-12:45            Playtime

12:45-1:00              Transitional Activities

1:00-2:15                Rest Time, Quiet Activities

2:15-2:30                Transitional Activities

2:45-3:00               Afternoon Snack

3:00                        Full Day Students Depart

3:00-6:00              Extended Care: Playtime, Centers & Learning Activities*
listDiscOutdoor Experiences/Active Play
listDiscGroup Games

*Centers and Learning Activities include:
listDiscThematic or Seasonal Art listDiscMath/Alphabet Manipulatives
listDiscPuzzles & Games listDiscThematic Activity Centers
listDiscSensory Experiences listDiscDramatic Play Center
listDiscBuilding Center listDiscScience Exploration

“Over the last several years, my most profitable investment has been in City Christian School. The benefits gained are immeasurable from a school that speaks, guides and teaches with the same foundation as our home.” – Alumni Parent

“We love the fact that our children start the day with prayer and the fact that they are involved in chapel.  We can see a difference from the public school environment.” – Parent – Susan

“City Christian School is not only academically able to raise up the next generation of leaders, but also spiritually able to show a role model of Christ through the lives of the teachers and the staff.” – Parent – Keith

My son has made huge progress during the last year.  In his character he has learned so much…. He wouldn’t have progressed as far as he has without the love, support, and mentoring he has received from the staff. – Parent Casey
City Christian School has contributed greatly to our son’s education, his spiritual growth and the ability to take part in music as well as forming so many great friendships. – Senior Parents
My eldest child has gone on to college with a wealth of knowledge, which has allowed her to receive an academic scholarship. -Parent – Luann
As a parent I appreciate that City Christian School teachers have helped to reinforce the values our kids have been taught at home. -Parent – Shirlee
My kids are challenged and stretched by the academic standards… they are rewarded for diligence and working hard…My children are genuinely happy and they look forward to going to school every day! -Parent – Jacob
I love dropping them off everyday into the atmosphere and culture at City Christian School.  I do not worry about them like I did at the public schools.  I know they are being attended to and that they are safe and secure. -Parent – Barbara
I am thankful for the size of the school, because of the one on one time with the teachers.  At this school the teachers have time to help you out and they even know your name and care about you. -Student For 8 Years
I really like that the atmosphere is positive and uplifting and that there is a positive peer pressure. -Student