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High School Information

Preparing High School Students for College and Life Achievement

CCHS group discussion

CCHS group discussion

Whether visiting the campus or encountering our students within the community, people often comment about the leadership qualities, warmth and friendliness of CCS students. We endeavor to strengthen our high school students in their maturity, socially and spiritually.

City Christian thrives at preparing students for college and life achievement. Our high school curriculum includes AP Language and Composition, AP Literature, AP Art, AP Physics, and AP Biology, AP World History, AP Calculus. English classes, mathematics (algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and calculus), government/economics, foreign language, technology, physical science, earth science, biology, chemistry, physics, US history, World history, health and physical education, music, art, graphic design. Additionally, all students participate in Bible classes and chapel services.

In addition to our rigorous college preparatory program, City Christian has implemented two unique career technical education pathways in Health Services and Information Technology and Design. Both of these pathways have industry recognized licensure/certification options, making student who successfully complete these courses eligible for jobs in their respected fields.

The school also offers a variety of elective courses such as business, yearbook, art, theater, strength training, foreign language, band and orchestra, drama, choir, and worship leading. We also work with parents and students to find creative ways for students to take college level courses while completing their high school education. In fact, CCHS shares a campus with Portland Bible College, which offers students the opportunity for advanced biblical studies. Internships with local businesses may be available to high school students who display leadership and initiative.cchs smiling and waving student

To help students develop the value of making an impact in their communities, community service is integrated into the school curriculum. We actually require students to complete a community service project as a requisite for graduation. Additionally, students have the opportunity to take part in an annual mission trip. Past trips have included missions to New Orleans, Mexico, and other locations.

City Christian Schools strives to provide the absolute highest in academic excellence. We focus on providing the most effective, time-proven curriculum and educational techniques from teachers who are uniquely qualified to instruct in their course discipline. As a result, students at City Christian School regularly perform from at least 1.5 to 2 grade levels above their peers across the nation.


Our curriculum consists of the latest up to date information and emphasizes a Christian perspective. We believe it is important to teach thinking skills as well as the fundamentals. Textbooks vary from Bob Jones, A Beka, ACSI, and Saxon. Our language program consists of Phonics, a strong spelling text and an emphasis on writing styles. Math curriculum stresses thinking skills as well as fundamental facts. Science includes many experiments, projects, life and physical sciences, and creation.

High School Curriculum Guide 2017-2018

CCS Technology Department

2013, CCS high school students received 5,000 sq. ft of new classroom space fully equipped with multimedia capabilities!

Success in today’s world and marketplace requires increased proficiency with the digital world. That’s why through all grade levels, we make technology a regular part of the academic process. City Christian School is equipped with multiple computer labs that can bring state-of-the art technology into each classroom, a research lab, and a complete 36-station computer training center, loaded with the latest in academic, office, and design software. In middle school, students continue to develop their skills in Word, Excel, Publisher, Game Maker, Photoshop, and OS Management. High school students learn Adobe products, which is preparatory for learning CAD software and engineering. They are also introduced to Access database management. For advanced students, we offer an IT apprenticeship program where students can learn additional hardware and software skills, which is then put to practice by helping maintain school computers and building computer systems. Opportunities also exist for students to interact with advanced software programs like, which is used for mind mapping and brainstorming ideas; Portal 2 Educational Version, which utilizes physics, math, logic, special reasoning, probability, and problem-solving, Sculptris Alpha 6, a 3D sculpting software and Blender a 3D animation software. The technology skills students develop are designed to prepare them for a successful college experience and help lay a foundation for a variety of career interests such as business, database management, illustration, photography, media design, website design, networking, game creation, video editing, and others. For advanced high school students, we offer an IT apprenticeship program where students can learn additional hardware and software skills, which is then put to practice by helping maintain school computers and building computer systems.

CCS Science lab

CCS Science lab

As technology advances and new discoveries are made virtually every day, we believe it is imperative that every one of our students graduates knowing the most up-to-date information from the many different fields of science. We believe it is equally important that they have experience using modern, state-of-the-art equipment.

That’s why City Christian is furnished with a well equipped science and physics lab. As the sciences continue to move forward, it is vital that we as an educational institution continue upgrading our science department and science lab with state-of-the-art equipment and materials so that students can perform hands-on experiments. Our science lab is an indispensable asset to our students’ science education, allowing biology students to do dissections, chemistry students to perform chemical reactions, and physics students to study mass and force with applied observation.

Biology: Students learn the foundations of life from the smallest bacteria to the largest plants and animals in the world. This broad survey also spends a substantial amount of time discussing and learning about the human body, the pinnacle of God’s creation.

Chemistry: Students explore the building blocks of matter and how they behave. Chemistry delves into the building blocks of life, atoms, to study how they bond and react to each other in amazing processes that are both replicable and predictable. Our chemistry class is an engaging mix of both conceptual and mathematics-based material, and is in excellent foundation as students prepare for college level studies.

Physics: Physics is the study of why natural things happen the way they do. Why does gravity exist? What is inertia? How fast is the
speed of light? This class brings life experience and lab experience together with mathematics to help students better comprehend and answer the “why” questions of our physical world.

CSS Music

Music and Choir

Music Development

City Christian school offers orchestra, band and choir depending on a student’s desire and and skill level. Private lessons in piano, strings, brass, woodwind, and percussion instruments are tailored to individual schedules during or after the school day, including theory and composition tutoring. Choir will participate in concerts, community events, festivals and could have yearly competitions.

CCS worship

Worship Leadership

Worship Leadership

This class equips students to grow in their leadership through spiritual growth as well as develop practical worship leading skills. Students in this class participate in Chapel services where the worship is student-led.

Community service

Community service

Community Service

Students select a non-profit organization, arrange an accepted schedule, then volunteer fifty hours to assist that organization. In addition to their volunteer hours, students must also answer reflection questions and write a final paper to present their learning.

Spanish 1 and 2

Spanish 1 and 2

Spanish I and II

Students have the opportunity to not only learn the Spanish language, but also to experience the Hispanic culture. Students learn basic Spanish phrases while building up their general vocabulary and grasping grammar. The class also benefits from guest speakers from various Latin American countries and tastes diverse Hispanic foods and beverages.

Weight Training

Weight Training

Strength Training

All students are provided with the necessary training on each specific exercise so that the exercise process can be safe and productive. Students are encouraged to remain positive with themselves, as well as with other students in order to maintain a good training atmosphere. It is important to realize that everyone begins this course, and progresses through this course at different rates. Students will understand the importance of setting goals for personal improvement and achievement, and will leave the class with a lifelong understanding of how to maintain a good level of physical fitness for a healthy lifestyle. Safety is always given the first priority in this class.

CCS yearbook

CCS yearbook

Yearbook and Journalism

This class focuses on the process of creating the junior high and high school yearbook. Students are involved in writing, designing, and photography for the purpose of creating a quality yearbook to share with family, staff, and students.

CCS Visual Arts

CCS Visual Arts

Visual Arts Program

Students are taught a variety of artistic techniques, such as pencil, charcoal, watercolor, acrylic, mixed media, and others. Projects include paintings, high-end quality pencil/color pencil/charcoal/pastel drawings, fashion design projects, different dynamics of three dimensional pieces (wire and wood), and state/national participation competitions.

CCHS Entrepenership

CCHS Entrepenership

Business Entrepreneurship

Students will benefit from learning how to manage and operate City Christians School Student Store. They will be in charge of selling items for before school breakfast, shopping, inventory, finances, and marketing. They will manage and train other students who work at the student store during the school lunch period. The students will decide which food and non-food items to sell based on their market research. They will run and design special projects such as Candy Cane Grams, Birthday Grams, etc. The class includes an introduction to business and financial principles.

CCHS Life Essentials

CCHS Life Essentials

Living Essentials

This class will cover a broad spectrum of some very important essentials such as: basic knowledge of the kitchen, baking, and wise shopping. You will also learn to take care of items such as, sewing on a button, putting together a welcoming home on a budget, and taking care of yourself and what it takes to keep up your home.

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AP Classes language and composition

CCHS AP Language

AP Language and Composition

course offers a rigorous preparation for college level writing and emulates a first year college composition class by preparing students to “write effectively and confidently in their college courses across the curriculum and in their professional and personal lives” (College Board). Students will read and analyze a wide range of non fiction texts from newspaper editorials, to travel writing, to literary non fiction, to biography, to sermons.

CCHS AP Literature

CCHS AP Literature

AP Literature and Composition

advanced literature course will engage students in careful reading and analysis of a challenging set of literary works from a range of genres including the novel, short story, poetry, and drama. The focus of the course will be on intensive reading and discussion of the literature, as well introduce secondary critical essays for discussion and evaluation. Emphasis will be placed on thoughtful and cogent analysis of the readings using a variety of theoretical frameworks and devices.

CCHS AP Physics

CCHS AP Physics

AP Physics

Physics 1 is an algebra based, introductory college level physics course. The course explores traditional Newtonian Physics (kinematics, dynamics, energy, momentum, rotation, simple harmonic motion, and mechanical waves) with an introduction of circuitry. The course stresses inquiry based learning to develop scientific critical thinking and reasoning skills in students.

CCHS AP Biology

CCHS AP Biology

AP Biology

Biology course is designed to offer students a solid foundation in introductory college level biology. By structuring the course around the four big ideas, enduring understandings, and science practices to assist students in developing an appreciation for the study of life and help them identify and understand unifying principles within a diversified biological world.



AP Studio Art

This is an intense yearlong college level course with potential college credit. Each student will work through self directed creative project concepts and produce a body of work that represents the artist’s strength in their chosen material. Each artist will show their ability to problem solve through their methodology.

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For several years, Principal Ed Mason and a team, have taken City Christian High School senior students to help in the mission field. The seniors pay their own way and spend the week helping to feed and teach impoverished families in the area. They get a first hand look at how the rest of the world lives.

“I enjoyed being in the presence of joyful little children each day. Although many of them didn’t have much, our love was fulfilling for them.”
-Nana Opoku

“When a small group of us went on a garbage run, we not only were able to bless the Mission, but those families living in the dump. We fed them. It was truly a blessing.”
-Scott Nash

“Seeing the children, most of them living in poverty, being so content and happy with so little showed me a lot.”
-Erin Jones

“It was an amazing trip. Our class grew closer together and I know that God worked in all of our lives.”

-Sarah Hategan


AP classes are also available
for those students wanting an
additional academic challenge.


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